Insure Tennessee Part 1: The Financial Component

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Insure Tennessee, Gov. Bill Haslam’s controversial plan to expand health benefits to low-income residents, went down in flames for several good reasons, not the least of which was the enormous financial burden it would have imposed on our state. Approximately 1.3 million individuals are currently enrolled in the TennCare program, and Insure Tennessee would have greatly increased the number of individuals covered. Based upon a Supreme Court decision, states could not be mandated by the federal government to increase entitlements to 138% of the federal poverty level and expand relative…read more


Another Day, Another Investigation Involving Williamson Strong

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These are dark days for Williamson Strong. The group that started less than a year ago with so much promise—a shiny new website, nifty technology, a co-founder employed by the SEIU and a faithful contingent of Facebook fans from Istanbul—now finds itself picking up the pieces from one misfire after another. First there was last August’s election shellacking, in which all of the Williamson Strong-backed candidates were defeated, and then came the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance hearing over whether Williamson Strong is an unregistered politically active group. It would…read more


Williamson County Teacher’s Tape: Koch Brothers Chose New WCS Board Members; Opponents Are “Extreme, Racists and Segregationists”

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WilliamsonTrue has obtained an audio recording made by a Williamson County teacher who attended a mandatory meeting last fall of Hillsboro teachers and led by a principal. Portions of the tape aired Thursday morning (April 2nd) on the Ralph Bristol radio program and in more detail on the Michael DelGiorno radio program Friday morning (April 3rd). If you can only take a few minutes of it, we understand, but it really is revealing. Pretty fascinating that people would say these things, let alone believe such things. Highly disturbing!   The…read more