Dr. Beth Burgos’ Religious Liberty Resolution: Read It for Yourself

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WCS Board Member Dr. Beth Burgos’ religious liberty resolution has been drawing a lot of attention, and we understand that at least one other Tennessee county has submitted it for a vote. So, for counties that would like to consider using her resolution as a model, and for people who are interested in the specifics it contains, we have reproduced the resolution below. We planned to provide information about the upcoming town hall meeting to discuss Islam in our schools in this post, but the details are not yet available….read more


WCS Board Member Bobby Hullett, Victim Extraordinaire, Decries “Perverted Political Agenda”

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The fur continues to fly over WCS Board Member Bobby Hullett’s treatment of those with concerns about how Islam is being taught in our public schools, and in particular his suggestion that they “pack up and move.” Concurrently, he claims to have been “taken out of context to serve a perverted political agenda” while doubling down on his “move” comments, according to a Nov. 5 Williamson Herald article. Said Mr. Hullett: “You have heard me say this previously, I will say it again here…” Please don’t. As you pointed out,…read more


WCS Board Member Bobby Hullett: Agree with Me or Move

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 “Conceit is God’s gift to little men.” (Ancient Chinese Proverb) We don’t know if Williamson Country Schools Board Member Bobby Hullett is getting his talking points from Jim “Prufrock” Cheney; or from Susan Drury and her SEIU colleagues; or whether he is simply spilling out whatever comes into his head at a given moment, but we think his latest antic is embarrassing, to say the least. We are not, for now, going to get into the merits of the concerns many have about the way in which Islam is being…read more