Failure to Disclose Williamson Inc. as a Co-Sponsor of the June 2 School Board Candidate Forum: Oversight or Set Up?

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What was originally presented as a school board candidate forum sponsored by Home Page Media Group is now being billed as a partnership between Williamson Inc. and the Home Page. We can’t help but wonder why Williamson Inc.’s involvement wasn’t disclosed to all the candidates when the Home Page asked them to participate. Having obtained commitments from the candidates, it now comes out that—surprise!—this is a joint effort, and apparently has been all along. If we were in the candidates’ shoes, we’d be wondering what’s going on and why we…read more


Williamson Strong Trashes Our Community, but Why? We Think We Know the Answer

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Last December, representatives from SEIU-Williamson County (DBA Williamson Strong) participated in a hit piece on our community in The Atlantic. The article, titled, “The Fear of Islam in Tennessee Public Schools,” opens with: “Williamson County, Tennessee, embodies demographic stereotypes about the South: The country just south of Nashville is overwhelmingly white, Christian, and Republican.” White. Christian. Republican. Uh oh, we have an idea where this is going. “But this fall, a curious controversy emerged there. Parents and school-board members have voiced worries about alleged Islamic indoctrination in the public schools.”…read more