Is the Williamson Business PAC Really Williamson Strong 2.0?

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Ever since we saw the set-up piece in The Atlantic last December, in which Williamson Strong trashed our community and then began circulating the article to the chamber’s leadership and other influencers, we’ve had suspicions that the Williamson Business PAC is really a reboot of Williamson Strong. Strong’s leadership has been temporarily sidelined by the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance’s $5,000 fine for breaking election law in 2014, so it makes sense that they’d try another tact. What better cover than to get a few like-minded businessmen and women to…read more


Check out Who Supports Local Candidates Whitson and Haugh

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We’ve seen very little attention given to it, but we think that Courtenay Rogers’ support of candidates Sam Whitson (65th House District) and KC Haugh (District 11 school board) says a lot. We had a hard time believing this tweet when we saw it. Ms. Rogers, one of the biggest libs in Williamson County and the Democratic state house candidate for District 63, finds it sad that Jeremy Durham supporters allegedly are calling Mr. Whitson “a lib.”  We haven’t laughed so hard since Ms. Rogers candidacy was announced on April…read more