We’re Sorry to Report that WCS Board Member Bobby Hullett Is Totally Out of Control

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We kicked around a number of ways to introduce this post, but we decided that we’d just let these emails speak for themselves.

The first two come from WCS Board Members Dan Cash and PJ Mezera. They are written to WCS Board Member Bobby Hullett, confronting him over his most recent round of boorish behavior and irresponsible accusations at the February 1 policy committee meeting. As the emails indicate, this was not an isolated incident.

Mr. Mezera’s email adds his perspective and concerns, which include what Mr. Mezera describes as Mr. Hullett’s “venomous accusations and attacks with no proof.

One would think Mr. Hullett would be embarrassed and apologetic, but that is not the case. We’re frankly embarrassed by his response, which confirms our suspicion that Mr. Hullett never learned to play nicely in the sandbox with other children, and that attitude has carried over into adulthood.

His correspondence is painful to read, but he is a public official and is running for re-election this year. We think you need to know what Mr. Hullett is like when he’s unleashed.

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Dan Cash photo

Dan Cash

From: Daniel Cash

Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 10:51 AM To: Robert Hullett

Cc: CO Schoolboard Group

Subject: Policy Meeting

Dear Bobby. I was very disappointed with your reaction to Dr. Burgo’s request for an addition to Policy. I feel it’s one thing to state your option on an issue dialog is good. Feed back from all members is what makes it possible to make the best decisions for our schools. Your comments went into a personal attack on Dr. Burgo’s by suggesting all you want to do is tie our teachers hands ,your using the words to protect our teachers to discredit them, accusing her of putting fine print at the bottom of her statement like she was trying to hide something , making statements about accusations she made about Pearson Publishing ,throwing Dr. Burgo’s resolution in her face like she is some kind of hate monger , and making the statement that she said she hates Muslims. As a matter of fact Bobby you were the one who brought Muslims up. I would like you to produce proof of these allocations and a recording of Dr. Burgo’s statement that she hates Muslims.

Bobby I don’t think you realize how you sounded last night. I heard anger and hate in your voice towards a fellow board member and this isn’t the first time. I don’t think I’m imaging this at one point 3 or 4 board members ask the Chairman to call you to order. If these accusations are untrue that you made about Dr. Burgo’s I would expect a public apology to set the record strait with the media. Bobby if we as a board are to be successful these out burst and bulling tactics have to stop. We have to be able to sit down and have dialog with respect for one another.

To all board members and staff thank you for your positive and negative feed back. Your dedication and experience to our schools always bring out the big picture on issues.


Dan Cash

2nd District WCS School Board


From: PJ Mezera

Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 11:52 AM To: Daniel Cash

PJ Mezera photo

PJ Mezera

Cc: Robert Hullett; CO Schoolboard Group Subject: Re: Policy Meeting


Dan is exactly right. You have struggled with this in the past. You have fired off venomous accusations and attacks with no proof, only to be found mistaken. In the mean time, your words and your projected malice causes dissension and suspicion throughout the community. It is completely unnecessary and can be avoided, if you would guard your tongue.

More than just an apology (which should go without saying), I would like you to make a commitment to curb this propensity. It is inexcusable and has become intolerable in my mind.

Thank you,


PJ Mezera

Bobby Hullett photo

Bobby Hullett

On Feb 2, 2016, at 4:40 PM, Robert Hullett <robert.hullett(wwcs.edu> wrote:

Good afternoon, all…

My apologies for the length, but here we are…once again.

PJ…to consolidate, I have copied your thread into this email (below) and will address you, following my comments to Dan.

Dan…for someone who has, in the past, stated that he doesn’t like to be lectured or talked down to, you sure do seem to make a point of doing it yourself…either in email or face to face. Then, when I respond, suddenly you and others become the victims of “bulling” (bullying). Enough of the misuse of that term…is your skin truly that thin? If so, you signed up for the wrong seat. So many tears shed over “political correctness” and how it is ruining our country, etc.etc…, yet when someone makes a valid, direct point…oh the humanity!   You (we) are elected, public officials and scrutiny is part of the process from any and everyone. Do you cry foul when our elected   officials at the State or Federal levels disagree, vehemently I might add, with their opposition and publicly state so? Just because the opposition to your perspectives comes your way more often than not and you cannot respond to it, do not revert to calling someone a bully. At this point, it is just noise and this is just another one of those conversations between you and me…so be it.

First of all Dan…you have been on this Board less than a year and a half and in that time, this Board has been nothing more than dysfunctional. Have a we had a few glimmers of hope and promise? Sure…but we seem to always find ourselves here due to the actions of a few…and YES …I am included in those few because I will always protect the best interests of our students, families, teachers, schools, and communities. WCS will not become a political flashpoint for issues that some Board Members seem to want to make a soapbox to stand on. Go back over the last 17 months…every last word I have spoken has been in defense of the actions taken by a few members of this Board, and yes …at times you have been one of them as well. And yes…at times you stand with me in that defense. If you (and a few others by their own admission) actually engaged in social media (where MANY of our constituents do), you would see that Dr. Burgos’ suggested modification and “statement” from last night is garnering nothing more than negative feedback.

You like to refer to, or infer to, the health of a Board. You should look at the Board prior to 2014. That was a healthy Board. Can this Board achieve that? Of course it can…if members will finally put away personal political agendas and start working for the children of WCS. I, for one, would love to see that happen. Do you think I enjoy nights like last night? I abhor them…yet, I know they are coming, as does everyone else…most importantly our communities…and they are sick and tired of it too. So please, Dan…do not tell me what a healthy Board looks like or does. I know…I have been a part of an extremely healthy Board.

My comments were not a personal attack on Dr. Burgos. You (and others) need to learn something…you have no “personal” persona on this Board. Again, Dan, we are elected, PUBLIC officials. My “attack” was on her resolution, not her. If you are so quick to assume something else, where does that leave your perspective? Open or close minded? Everything I said last night is true…it is my perspective. Just as you have yours and look at all the markers you just restated below…you are proving my point. I could also go into showing up at WCS functions as a Board Member, etc…etc…, but you would most likely say I was personally attacking or bullying. We have something as elected officials called, accountability, Dan. You have experienced it with some of your comments (teachers looking at a class roster and saying “Oh No!” ring a bell?). Others in our Local and State levels of government are experiencing the full force of accountability, even as I type this response to you. Accountability is part of the responsibility we all signed up for, to take our seats at the table.

Dan…I realize exactly what I sounded like last night. Again, do I enjoy it or look forward to it? Absolutely not. However…I feel that defending, as I stated above, is my charge and I will do so, every single time. And to that point Dan…click on this link: http://livestream.com/accounts/5076979/events/4427725

It is the Work Session from October. Go to the time marker: 01:11:15. This is where Dr. Burgos begins to speak. At time marker: 01:16:47, Dr. Burgos begins her statement regarding lslam…here’s a portion of it, “Now I recognize that not all Muslims are terrorists, please hear me clearly, or violent. However, it’s also a fact that a majority of terrorist groups are Muslim.” And it goes on and on for the next 5 minutes or so, where Dr. Burgos makes some very broad statements weaving together her perspective of the Islamic faith with terrorism and that our children should be taught this as well. Watch it more than once Dan…and listen. Then read the statements in the resolution. It is laid bare for all to see and if you cannot or will not see it, like a few other things, you and I will just have to disagree.

So no…there will be no apology. Feel free to copy the media on any response you might send. That is your prerogative and I will leave that to you. I stand by my words and PJ this will tie into my response to you in a moment as well. But Dan…let me ask you a question. When Dr. Burgos (documented through email) directed people to a (in my opinion) hate blog as proof to support her resolution..just after our Work Session, that same hate blog misrepresented my words and directed individuals to me. Did I receive an apology from Dr. Burgos for the death threats to me and to my family? The multiple hopes that I would be beheaded (yes, by “a Muslim”) in graphic detail? Did she, or you for that matter, contact me to see how I was doing, etc…etc …? No…absolutely not. Did I care? Not really…I’m not a victim. So let’s just all say, enough with the victim approach. We are not victims …we are elected officials and I’ll close with a note to you, in my response to PJ below.

PJ…this will be MUCH shorter than any of our previous conversations. Your voice was not needed, but you chimed in and I welcome dialogue, so allow me to respond. Please send me a detailed list of “venomous accusations and attacks with no proof, only to be found mistaken.” Normally, this is the part where someone “DEMANDS AN APOLOGY” when your statement will be found false…but I truly do not care. I am bigger person than that…but yes, please do send along the list. I will be watching my inbox for it and if you attend the Let’s Talk Schools event on Thursday, I’ll remind you there as well. One should not choose a rock you cannot build upon.

Your perspectives of my words are just that…your perspectives. How is it so hard for you and others to see how angry the majority of Williamson County is, at this Board? I am speaking data specific…look at the number of contacts we have had over the last year and a half…it is staggering and it is the truth, yet some of you refuse to acknowledge it, grab your lance as you jump on the donkey, and off to the windmill you go…

Let’s talk for a morrient PJ about what is inexcusable and intolerable (in MY mind)…your continued veiled threats towards our Superintendent. It’s in your emails …do not say that your intent was something else…because if it was, we have an entirely different set of issues to discover. You need to gaze inward at your own projected bravado and ask yourself if that is truly how you would like to be seen. I am comfortable in my skin and the only time you see what you saw last night is when I am defending our students, families, teachers, schools, and communities from rogue personal political agendas, based both within and beyond our Board of Education.

So let me close with a thought to both you and Dan. PJ…you used the word intolerable. Well if that is the truth,  you can choose not to run for your seat. This is part of the political process. Anyone on this Board can decide to get out of the boat. What I find as inexcusable and intolerable is that we so often end up facing each other on the boat and rowing against one another. Why are some of you rowing to change the course of our boat? We have been in the rapids of success for quite some time now and you want to go against the current? Why?  People in the county and this state are awake and engaged at this point. My suggestion for you to contemplate (not a demand…Just think about it) get in and row and get out and swim  back to shore.

I hope to see you all at Let’s Talk Schools Thursday night.

Here to serve …


Robert Hullett, District 7

WCS School Board

On Feb 2, 2016, at 5:04 PM, PJ Mezer·a <pi.rnezera@wcs.edu> wrote:

PJ Mezera photo

PJ Mezera


Your voluminous response conspires against your conscience. We are “here again” due to your lack of self control. And it is obvious that you learned nothing from your previous reprimand while I was Chairman. The Board is well aware of your previous accusations and their validity, despite your denial. I know of several that I endured personally from you and you are aware of them, as well.

The material point is that your conduct has been lacking maturity and you lack the humility to even acknowledge it. There is nothing more to say to you. You have become numb to the simplest of courtesy. I have only pity for you.

Bobby Hullett photo

Bobby Hullett

Re: Policy Meeting

Robert Hullett

Tue 2/2/2016 5:32 P M

To: PJ Mezera <pj.meze1·a@wcs.edu>;

Cc:Daniel Cash <daniel.cash@wcs.edu>; CO Schoolboard Group <COSchoolboardGroup@wcs.edu>;

PJ…your ignorance of the irony in your statement is delicious…no matter how many $5 words you Google to put into your sentences. It is only defeated by your delusions of grandeur, which would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad. I think you mistake pity for your own acquiescence. We could look at the fact your conduct lacks intelligence (sans Google). Oh wait…we are back to all of the immaturity again…and you brought us here.

PJ…you and I settled our debt last summer. And yet here we are with YOU as the first actor in this discussion. Some of you could teach a class on throwing the first punch and then falling to the floor as the victim…it is truly amazing.

I show respect to those who earn it…you my friend are still on that path. So…no list?

Ahhhh …but as you said, there is nothing more to say to me.


Sent from my iPhone

Robert Hullett, District 7 WCS School Board www.wcs.edu

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

There you have it, sad but true.

We think Mr. Mezera nails it when he replies to Mr. Hullett that, “your conduct has been lacking maturity and you lack the humility to even acknowledge it.”

Mr. Hullett replies, “I show respect to those who earn it.”

And, of course, he is the one who determines which residents of Williamson County have earned respect and which have not.

What a revealing and ironic statement from a public official who routinely closes his correspondence with “Here to serve.”

Here’s the reality of the situation: Mr. Hullett is “here to serve” himself and the interests of the people who think like he does. Period. When confronted about his personal attack on a board member, he responds with more attacks on other board members.

His criteria for how the entire community feels is what happens to be trending on a few social media sites in a given day.

It appears that Mr. Hullett is selectively reading the social media “hate-a-thons” propagated primarily by those aligned with union-backed nasties, finding comfort and support in them while ignoring the many voices supporting Dr. Burgos.

As we did in our previous post, we call on Mr. Hullett to either produce credible evidence of his claim that Dr. Burgos stated she “hates” Muslim or publicly apologize to her for such slander. Mr. Cash has asked for proof or an apology as well, and Mr.  Mezera has called him out for his “attacks with no proof.”

Time to put up or shut up, Mr. Hullett, because what’s left of any credibility you think you might still have is on the line.