Tennessee Watchdog Mauls Williamson Strong

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Last week Tennessee Watchdog ran a devastating two-part series about the Strong Schools, Strong Communities movement in Tennessee. The first article focused on Williamson Strong, while the second article examined the influence Strong Schools had in Sumner County’s big property tax increase. Saul Alinsky-like tactics seemed to be a common denominator.

We have been making some of these same connections for quite a while, and it’s nice to know that the truth is getting out.

One of the things we found particularly interesting is the significant decline in Williamson Strong’s Facebook friends. We remember a time when it had about 5,000 likes; today, there are just 4,435 likes.

We suspect the hundreds of people who have abandoned Williamson Strong began to see for themselves what was really going on, and didn’t “like” it very much. But, rather than make a fuss and risk being attacked online, they have quietly backed away.

We think there will be more and more of that in the future, reducing Williamson Strong to its most frenzied and fanatical followers.

Of course, when you consider that Williamson Strong bought thousands of Facebook likes (in violation of Facebook’s policy), and that it’s “most engaged” were 18-24 year olds from Istanbul, it gives some perspective as to just how few real fans Williamson Strong really has.

We’ll keep our eyes out for more signs of unraveling in coming months.