Check out Who Supports Local Candidates Whitson and Haugh

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We’ve seen very little attention given to it, but we think that Courtenay Rogers’ support of candidates Sam Whitson (65th House District) and KC Haugh (District 11 school board) says a lot.

We had a hard time believing this tweet when we saw it. Ms. Rogers, one of the biggest libs in Williamson County and the Democratic state house candidate for District 63, finds it sad that Jeremy Durham supporters allegedly are calling Mr. Whitson “a lib.” 

Courtenay Rogers Support of Whitson

We haven’t laughed so hard since Ms. Rogers candidacy was announced on April Fools’ Day in Williamson Herald.

“There are a lot more Democrats in Williamson County than people realize,” she is quoted as saying in the article. That may very well be, but it begs the question: Why does calling someone a lib make Ms. Rogers sad? Is there something wrong with being liberal? If so, then she needs to reject her entire agenda.

Then, Ms. Rogers got our attention again with her recent endorsement of KC Haugh, one of two District 11 school board candidates. (The other candidate, Stuart Cooper, is unashamedly conservative, from what we understand.)

Courtenay Rogers Endorsement of KC Haugh

Does Mr. Haugh embrace Ms. Rogers’ ultra-liberal views, or is he squirming a bit over her public support of him?

We don’t know, but we sure hope someone asks him if he agrees with Ms. Rogers’ ideology and what he thinks about her endorsement of him so he can bring clarity to this murkiness.

We realize the school board race is nonpartisan, but at the same time we think voters should know what they’re getting when it comes to the worldview that would guide each candidate’s decisions for Williamson County schools.